Mdivani Monroe
Ladies Who Lunch
Mdivani’s Bio

Mdivani started his career as a professional ballet dancer in New York and then moved into the acting world.  While living the life of a performer, he also juggled several other jobs in between gigs.  Those jobs included being a waiter, executive assistant in advertising and many summers as a European tour guide.

Mdivani left the performing life behind and attended Parsons School of Design where he majored in Fashion Design.  After graduating, he did an apprenticeship and worked at Nina Ricci Haute Couture in Paris.  Returning to the US, Mdivani went on to work for a number of American fashion houses in New York and then spent 8 years designing for St. John in California.

Working in restaurants, as a tour guide and as a fashion designer has prepared Mdivani for the next stage in his life: Ladies Who Lunch.


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