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Okay, so now I’ve shown you where to shop, dine and drink.  So, how do YOU find these places?  Easy.  Just click on the city you want to find all of the info on the locations featured on that city’s episode.  And, while we are starting our episodes in North America, look out for Ladies Who Lunch as we go international as well.

The Los Angeles locations are all available at this time.

As we complete each city episode, I will add all of the corresponding information for that city!!

Click Away!!!!!

All of the 411

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  1. San Francisco

  1. Chicago

  1. Seattle

  1. Miami

  1. New Orleans

  1. Atlanta

  1. Philadelphia

  1. Boston

  1. Montreal

  1. Toronto

  1. Vancouver

  1. San Diego

  1. Santa Fe

  1. Napa Valley

  1. Scottsdale

  1. The Hamptons

  1. Dallas

  1. Houston


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  1. Delhi, India